An Average Day in the Life of a Car Wreck Lawyer


What does an average day in the life of a car wreck lawyer look like? Some people might assume that this type of lawyer spends his time chatting with clients, drinking coffee and looking out the window, but there’s so much more to it than that. Here’s what the day of an average car wreck lawyer looks like, from beginning to end.



Wake up at 7 AM


It’s common knowledge that attorneys have insane hours, but what most people don’t think about is how those hours affect their personal lives. If you want to become an attorney and work with your schedule, then it means waking up early, going to bed late, and spending all those hours in between working like crazy.


Go running


Spend one day every few weeks on your feet running, either out on an actual trail or around your local neighborhood. The calorie burn from running is hard to match, and it keeps you fit for both your car accident practice and for other aspects of life. Think about taking up running as a way to drop excess weight? Start now and find new car wreck attorneys near you.


Workout at 8 AM


Whether it’s working out with a personal trainer or going to an early spin class, you need to set aside time for your physical health. Being physically fit helps improve your endurance, metabolism and outlook on life. It also keeps you from getting into an accident that could lead to needing car wreck attorney services. If you can’t find time for a daily workout routine during your morning commute, find one at night instead. Just try not to fall asleep at your desk!


Work from home


At home, attorneys will have significantly more control over their schedule and workload. This is one of most attractive aspects of working as an attorney from home: Set your own hours, decide what cases you want to handle, and communicate with clients when it’s convenient for you. As long as you have an Internet connection and a quiet place to work (ditch your phone for that hour), there are few limits on where or when you can practice law.


Meet with my team at 1 PM


We’ll go over my schedule and make sure I’m on track to hit all my deadlines. After that, I’ll start shuffling papers, responding to emails, and making phone calls until about 3:30 PM. This is when court call starts for most attorneys (that is, your lawyer shows up at a local courthouse before 4 PM), so it can be an active time for me as well.


Take calls all afternoon


Like many attorneys, my practice involves taking calls from prospective clients who have been injured. I regularly spend hours on end speaking with accident victims who’ve been through traumatic experiences—from car accidents to dog bites to serious work injuries. The first step for any victim is to secure legal representation; my job is to convince them that hiring me will be their best option. As an accident attorney near me, I also help victims navigate complex legal proceedings and obtain additional medical care, if necessary.


Spend time with my family and dog after dinner


How many nights per week do you spend time with your family? 5 nights per week. How many times do you leave your house each day? 3-4. When’s your next vacation planned? 6 months from now.




If you’ve been injured in an auto accident, it’s important to get help from a car wreck lawyer as soon as possible. Accident attorneys are experienced professionals who know how to navigate insurance companies and minimize your claims for maximum compensation—something you can’t do on your own. At Lawrence Furey Injury Lawyers, we provide our clients with expert legal counsel from start to finish; throughout their case, we work tirelessly to ensure they receive proper medical care and get back on their feet.




It’s early on a Saturday morning, and I am at my desk. If you had asked me that afternoon how I was enjoying being a car wreck lawyer, I would have told you it was going great. But today is no average day. Today, someone was killed because of someone else’s negligence. Let me tell you about it…




The morning starts off like any other. I roll out of bed and swing my feet over to hit the floor, ready to start another day. Just as my toes hit, I hear it… BAM! A car wreck just occurred outside, and it’s likely that someone is injured or killed. That’s how every single day starts for me; I am an attorney near me with many years of experience working in personal injury law.

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